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Designophy is an online publication that contributes to the development of the design profession by providing genuine design knowledge. Designophy covers contemporary design and technology news, latest competitions, interviews, articles and topics related with all design professions.


Designophy delivers various design information to a vast design related audiences. Designophy is composed of multiple sections and their subsections. You may reach to permanently updated design broadcast in Newslog section and you can be informed with ever-changing agenda of design by Calendar section. Other Designophy sections; Designpedia and Resource are separately exceptional design databases with their sub sections, whereas section dedicated to 慖nterview?focuses on exploring design practices of well-known designers and firms.

Designophy's policy of publication considers informing audiences with the contemporary worldwide design related news. Since its establisment in 2001, Designophy has been serving to an audience ranging from professionals through students. Designophy is a publication which undertakes the mission of being an intellectual communication tool while contributing to the improvement of the design disciplines. As a knowledge sharing intermediary, beside designers, anyone interested in design would find inspiring design-focused knowledge within this publication.

Designophy team aims to produce the knowledge which is meant to be a reference source. Designophy concerns to develop lectures, competitions, exhibits to establish a connection point for industry, professional, academies and society.

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