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Henry Dreyfuss
Model 302 Tabletop Telephone
Westclox Big Ben Alarm Clock
Mercury Train
Henry Dreyfuss

born in 1904 Brooklyn, USA
died in 1988 California, USA

. completed studies as an apprentice to Norman Bel Geddes in 1924.
. produced 250 stage sets from 1924 to 1928.
. in 1929, opened his own office for stage and industrial design activities.
. in 1929, won a "phone of the future" competition by Bell Laboratories and began working in collaboration with Bell staff resulting in the "300" tabletop telephone, which was introduced in 1937.
. in 1933, designed GE's new "flat-top" deluxe refrigerator, eliminating the previously exposed refrigeration unit by placing it beneath the cabinet.
. was featured in a 1934 article in Fortune magazine, which had a dramatic impact on the new profession.
. designed an alarm clock in 1935 and the famous Big Ben alarm clock in 1939 for Westclox.
. in 1936, designed Model 150 upright vacuum cleaner for  the Hoover Company.
. in 1936, designed his Mercury steam locomotive for New York Central Railroad's Hudson Valley Line.
. in 1939, at the New York's World's Fair, designed the Democracity model in the Perisphere, representing an American city and its suburbs in 2039.
. became the first vice-president of The Society of Industrial Designers (SID) which was established in 1944.
. appeared on the cover of Forbes Magazine in 1951.
. in 1955, published Designing for People, an autobiography that included his "Joe" and "Josephine" anthropological charts.
. became the first president of the Industrial Design Society of America (IDSA), which was formed by the merger of IDI, ASID and IDEA.
. in 1969, retired to Pasadena, CA, but continued to serve the profession.
. in 1971, representing the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), chaired the first meeting of the International Organization of Standards Technical Committee (ISO/TC) in Berlin.
. in 1972, published Symbol Sourcebook: An Authoritative Guide to International Graphic Symbols.
. on October 5, 1972, committed suicide with his terminally-ill wife, Doris Marks, in a self-inflicted carbon monoxide poisoning.


Famous Works:

Model 302 tabletop telephone, 1930, for Bell Laboratories
Model 150 vacuum cleaner, 1936, for the Hoover Company
Mercury train, 1936, for New York Central Railroad
The locomotive of the NYC's "Twentieth Century Limited", 1938, in New York
Democracity model city of the future, 1939, in New York World's Fair
Model A and Model B tractors, 1938, for Deere & Company
Big Ben alarm clock, 1939, for Westclox
500 desk telephone, 1949, for Bell System
T87 circular wall thermostat, 1953, for Honeywell
Princess telephone, 1959, for Bell System
Trimline desk telephone, 1965, for Bell System

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Model 302


Westclox Big Ben

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