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Meet Redspace: More than just a vehicle
Project Redspace unveiled REDS, a fully electric car designed for commuters in Chinese megacities. The projects aims to let people reclaim their time lost while stuck in traffic by converting the car into a workstation. The car was designed by Chris Bangle, a former BMW Chief of Design, commissioned by China Hi-Tech Group Corporation.
Mega-City Problems 
Conventional transportation has an alarming environmental footprint, and steals time from commuters - time spent in congested traffic, emitting pollution.
The average daily commute is 2 hours, which adds up to 24 hours every 2 weeks in bumper-to bumper-traffic. Not a stress-free commute.
Mega-City Solution
Meet Redspace. More than just a vehicle. Redspace is a lifestyle solution with environmental values that provides commuters with a space that enhances the daily to-and-from.
Designed from the inside out. By providing a space for daily lifestyle needs, Redspace enables commuters to reclaim time otherwise wasted in conventional vehicles.
Redspace's dual screen console provides an intuitive user experience with safety and ease of mind for drivers. On the road entertainment that becomes a part of driving.
Swivel and slide to suit your needs. The world's most versatile seating arrangement, Redspace becomes whatever space you need, whenever you need it.
Solar panels create energy to power internal functions like an air filtration system, without drawing energy from the battery. Redspace creates its own resources to sustain a smaller footprint.
Cartesian Door: A sliding door that creates an awning when opened, Redspace keeps riders dry and protected from polluted rain while offering a spacial solution in crowded streets.
Cordless Charging
The future of electric car charging is located wherever you park it. Say goodbye to the charging station map search.
Conventionally, a car is perceived as a moving object. In actuality, 90% of a car's life is spent stationary - both parked and in traffic. Redspace maximizes 100% of a driver's time inside the car.