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Furniture and Lighting Made of Fire
Imagine light bulbs shaped like small, terracotta and Sienna toned domes lighting up the room with the illusion of fire crackling inside of the glass. Imagination is needed no more, as that is exactly what EWE Studio's handcrafted Alquimia furniture and lighting is born to do.

Lighting in a room is unequivocally important. It compliments your features based on position, it sets the mood based on the hue of the bulb and adds intrinsically to the message you wish to convey to friends and family who come to visit your humble abode. 

This design collective titled EWE Studio has used fire to treat many different materials in this limited edition collection of onyx black furniture and lava like lighting. 

Launched during last week's Zona Maco art fair in Mexico City, the collection titled Alquimia (meaning Alchemy in English) is the second jaw dropping release from EWE Studio.

The trio of designs includes a varied range of materials, all of which have been altered by fire in some way. In a statement from EWE Studio, they had this to say: 

"Fire played a significant role in the transformation of all three pieces. It altered and changed the characteristics of the materials involved: wood, steel and blown glass. This generated fascinating textures and mesmerisingly deep colours."
The largest item seen in the trio is a dinging table named Humo, measuring at an astounding 2.6 metres long, held upright by an off centre base adding further to the raw, elemental aesthetic of the project. Oiled and burnt steel forms the support, anchored into a 300 kilogram block of Mexican Orizaba black marble acting as the table tops counterweight. So this is one dining table that will never experience and family feud fuelled table flips.

The Lighting

EWE Studio worked with glass company Nouvel Studio to create the Magma lighting series. Eleven moulds were hand carved from volcanic rock to create lumpy, curvaceous forms for the molten glass to be poured into. 

"The volcanic stone was chosen for the moulds as it is not affected by the heat of the glass due to its origin", the designers said.

The texture of the rock remains visible on the surface of the amber coloured glass, which glows like molten lava when the lights are switched on.

Bases are formed from the same oiled and burnt steel as the previously mentioned dining table support, whilst aged brass inside alters the colour and effect on the reflections.

- www.laitmylk.com